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ECG Device

12 Lead ECG Machine

Tele ECG Kit

Point of Care ECG Kit

Trolley ECG Kit

Silent features of systems

1. Low cost portable solution

2. Compact KIT

3. User friendly UI

4. Telemedicine compatible

5. Both portable and stationary model

6. Solution for both emergency and routine care

7. 24 x 7 Online reporting by specialist

8. Powerful measurement & analysis function

9. Facility of comparison with previous ECG

10. Mobile App for Patient registration & report reviewing.

11. Patient app with PHR

About Company

ExpressECG, a venture of Express Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., is a health care company, specializing in cardiac care while optimizing constraints of distance and time through technological innovation, operational excellence and human touch. We are a lifecare group of companies.

Our ECG Sevice

A Person must go for cardiogram if there is pain in the Heart, anxiety, problem in breathing or depression. If a patient has already been diagnosed with heart trouble, he/she should go for cardiogram regularly. Before being operated patients has to undergo cardiogram.

Contact Information

ECG Helpline
No.: 990 990 5050